Conversation circle on Laws of Love and its relationship to Positive Parenting

This space is a guided space where we openly invite you to join the conversation on the above topic by our guest author Ana. The Conversational Circle we are introducing offers a model for exploring a range of topic by guest authors that we are choosing to dive deeper. It might be related to Parents’ Nook in various ways.The aim is to encourage thoughtful discussion based on these topics. It will be heavily moderated by admins. We hope it would provide numerous structured and unstructured opportunities for everyone involved to dive deeper into the topics. You can also join Ana’s circle here. The circles created by parenting experts from around the community gives you an opportunity to dive deeper on the above topic. We request you only join the group if you are passionate about the topic and will be able to contribute meaningfully in some ways (You have done previous research, you are teaching on the topic, you have written a book, you want to collaborate with the author in her next writeup/endeavour, want to join in future discussions etc). We want the author’s circle to be an authentic space of brainstorming sessions, so join if you will be able to contribute.